AWANA on Wednesdays, 6:20 – 8:00 pm
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AWANA is a fun-filled and exciting event for kids of all ages. The mission of AWANA is to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and engage them in long-term discipleship. As children attend AWANA, they memorize Bible verses, participate in group games, singing, and group devotions. We meet every Wednesday in September-May from 6:20 pm to 8:00 pm. There will be games in the fellowship hall during game time, memorizing Bible verses during handbook time, and messages during large group time.

  • Sparks (Kindergarten-2nd grade),
  • T&T (3rd-6th grades), and
  • Trek (7th-8th grades)

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Registration fees: $25 (2nd child: $20; 3rd child onwards:$15) Handbook and Uniform: $30


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