Born in Rome, Italy, to Russian radio missionaries living in Europe, Jim grew up speaking Russian, Italian, English, French and German. When Jim was five, his family moved to Tangier, Morocco to begin new gospel broadcasts to Russia via the Voice of Tangier, which later became Trans World Radio. As the radio ministry expanded the family moved to the south of France continuing the broadcasts to those in the Soviet Union. Growing up in radio and recording studios Jim participated in various functions at the station from children’s and youth programs to control-room engineering.

he has been involved with Christian media as an engineer and producer of innovative programs beamed by shortwave radio to the Soviet Union. In 1991, Jim had the opportunity to be the first foreign engineer to operate and manage a Christian radio project from the Radio Moscow studios. This was to be a beginning of change in his broadcast focus for the future. The contacts and friendships made during that time in Moscow have proved to be invaluable in his later work.

As a media specialist, Jim is involved in establishing radio stations and recording studios in the Ukraine and encouraging the growth of contemporary Christian music in the former Soviet Union. More recently partnering with a Christian group in England Jim led a successful team that produced 5 Christian music albums for kids and young people, four in Russian and one in Ukrainian.