We have differing testimonies. I (Joe) grew up in a family that was very active in church, but I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus until my sophomore year in college, when I turned my life over to Christ in September of 1964.

I (Calla Jean) grew up in a non-Christian family; however, it was a family in which God was important, just not the God of the Bible. In spite of that, my parents allowed me to go to Sunday School at a Bible-believing church. At the University of Wyoming in 1965, I was presented with the fact that Jesus’ life and death fulfilled over 300 prophecies and I prayed to ask Christ into my life.

After college, I (Joe) was commissioned as an officer and served in the Air Force from 1967-1971. Calla Jean and I met while I was stationed in Denver and married in June of 1968. After graduating from Denver Seminary and being appointed by WorldVenture in 1974, we worked on raising a prayer and financial support team and went to Austria, arriving in March of 1976…   Read More